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Forget about sandwiches stuck in your VCR or crayons melting in your car... Today's children have access to the center of your digital life. Just think of all the work and memories you have socked away on your computer's hard drive. Now picture your kids (and their friends) playing bongo on the keyboard, or summarily executing your Word files with the swoop of a mouse. It's not just possible... it's probable.
Peanut Butter PC works to protect your electronic valuables by creating a fun and friendly desktop environment. One which provides access to only the programs and websites you choose. Best of all, your kids can't break out of their desktop. Peanut Butter PC works from Startup to Shutdown providing the perfect learning environment while giving you peace of mind. And when you need to take control back, just enter a special key combination, and you're back in Windows (with your files just as you left them).

Key Features...
For You For Them
Protect Your Files from wandering mouse-clicks and "keyboard pounding."  If you keep family photos, your music collection, home videos or tax information on your harddrive, you'll feel safe knowing Peanut Butter PC blocks Ctrl-Alt-Del and Alt-Tab'ing, disables the Start Menu and the Windows Key.  You're files are safe!

Simple And Fast Setup will have your kids up and running in only a few minutes.  Wizards guide you through install and setup.

Leave Your Kids Unattended and they will start and stop programs with no fear of seeing or doing something you don't wish.

No Need To Prep Your Computer before your kid can play.  No more, closing open documents and saving work... just launch Peanut Butter PC and you're all set.

Control Startup & Shutdown of your computer, so kids can power-up right into their desktop and hibernate/suspend when they are done.
Point & click Simplicity enables your child to easily navigate their desktop and launch the programs and websites you have preapproved for them.

No Reading Required  so kids as young as 3 can learn to use a computer in a matter of minutes.

Personalized for every child.  You can add children's pictures or their favorite images to represent their desktop.  Kid's names are written in the clouds to let them know who's desktop is showing... And, of course, each child can have their own set of programs to run (this is advantageous for age-specific programs)

Empowerment and comfort around technology are just a few of the immediate advantages of Peanut Butter PC.  

Better than TV. Wouldn't you rather have your kids playing and learning on a computer than passively and lethargically watching cartoons (and toy commercials)? 
Customize For Each Kid
Click here to hear some ways you can customize your child's computer experience. 
Control How It Runs

Click here to learn about some of your options to better control Windows.

Safely Shutdown Your PC

Click here to read how to configure your computer's power-down options.

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What You're Saying...
"Peanut Butter PC is a dream come true. I know my files are safe while my kids take the wheel of our family PC. Could you also work on a spill-proof keyboard?"
Jill Pascoe
Mother of 3

More testimonials...

System Requirements
- XP / VISTA / Windows 7
- 256 MB RAM
- 1.8 GHz Processor
- 9 MB disk space 
�     (32 MB if .Net 2.0 not installed)
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