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Web Browser Designed for Kids by Kids

Today's browsers are more complicated than ever.  With Peanut Butter Browser (included with Peanut Butter PC), kids are presented with only what they need and nothing more.

The buttons are familiar, self explanatory and nearly 5x larger than normal.

Pop-up windows are forced to open in the same browser window to eliminate confusion and the possibility of one window falling behind another.

Customized for Each Kid

Children learn at all different speeds.  With Peanut Butter PC, you will be able to decide what programs are appropriate for each child.  When a program gets "too easy" or "boring" simply turn it off with the option to bring it back later.  It's just like recycling their toys. 

Surprise your children with access to new programs every month, or as often as you wish.

Control How It Runs

One aspect of Peanut Butter PC is to give you greater control over your desktop and PC.  Peanut Butter PC can be configured to start as your computer turns on or to start from Windows.  This seemly minor option can change how both children and adult utilize the computer (with supervision or not. 

Peanut Butter PC also gives you low-level control over other options, like whether to allow other programs to launch on start-up or whether the computer should auto-login to a particular user account.  You are also protected from Ctrl-Alt-Del, Alt-Tab, right clicks on the desktop and use of the Windows Start Button.  Options that would otherwise require an in-depth knowledge of Windows and the system registry.

Safely Shutdown Your PC

With Peanut Butter PC, you have control over what happens when your child is done playing.  The stop sign button can be configured to hibernate your system, take you back to Windows or go away entirely... leaving the system safely running.
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What They're Saying...
"Early exposure to personal computers has been proven advantageous to toddlers. Peanut Butter PC takes only a few minutes to set up and makes a better baby sitter than your TV.
"The Granny Nanny"
Author and Childcare Expert
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