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At Peanut Butter Software, we have an avid desire to create new programs that will enhance the computing experience of both child and parent alike. Whether inspired by a suggestion from a customer or simply the search for a better way, we're driven to innovate and push the state of the art as far as our imaginations can reach.

Read on to discover what we're working on right now...

Currently in Development...
Peanut Butter Printer works seamlessly with any program to capture or copy print jobs sent to your printer.  Why, you may ask would you want this... Well, since most children love to print things, Peanut Butter Printer can moderate the use of your expensive Ink cartridges, or each Print job can be saved in a virtual gallery (as a PDF file) to be stored as a collection (e.g. artwork from one program, certificates of achievement from another program, etc.).

Best of all, if the computer has an Internet connection, these print jobs can be emailed to mom or dad at work or at home.

Stay tuned to our blog for upcoming news on Peanut Butter Printer.
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Flash Demo
Watch a quick Flash introduction to key features in Peanut Butter PC.

Peanut Butter PC
Peanut Butter Pointer
Kids CyberNet Station
What They're Saying...
"Early exposure to personal computers has been proven advantageous to toddlers. Peanut Butter PC takes only a few minutes to set up and makes a better baby sitter than your TV.
"The Granny Nanny"
Author and Childcare Expert
What You're Saying...
Peanut Butter PC is a dream come true. I know my files are safe while my kids take the wheel of our family PC. Could you also work on a spill-proof keyboard?
Jill Pascoe
Mother of 3

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