Need to Motivate Your Preschooler?

Thursday, 20 September 2007 14:40 by JRBenning

You've probably heard your share of ideas to get your youngsters motivated to do their chores.  My personal favorite is the jar of marbles.  When your child does his or her chores they get some marbles.  When the jar is full, they can cash them in for a reward.  This method is great for reinforcing good behavior (and you can deduct marbles bad behavior). 

Today we have a software version of the same idea.  It is a lot more exciting then the jar and probably less likely to produce neighborhood marble thieves.  The program is called My Reward Board and is available as a 15-day Free Trial from  It runs on a Windows PC and features a task chart, a goal monitor, an allowance piggy bank, a demerit dart board, and a few jokes and puzzles.

It does require as much attention from the parents as it does the children (meaning you will do a lot of entering and approving information).  But hey, if that's all it takes to keep them motivated... I'm game.

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